I wanted to start my blog by talking about the events of  my life that have led to the emotional pain I feel. Instead I have been sitting here considering some reasons why I haven’t put a name to my blog. Why haven’t I put a face to my blog? And my answer simply is I am embarrassed.. I am embarrassed to admit that I have a mental illness. I am embarrassed that I have had this mental illness for little under a decade and I have not yet realized the help I need to relieve myself of these  issues inside me. I am embarrassed that I am scared of what people who know me might think of me as a person if I admit to them that I am struggling. And worst of all I am embarrassed that every day I contradict myself by telling others and wholeheartedly agreeing that mental illness shouldn’t be a taboo issue anymore, that we should embrace it and learn form each other.

So why can’t I put my face to my name?

Why can’t I be one of the brave pioneers that walk without fear.

What am I so scared of?


Hi, Hello and welcome.

I am not sure who I’m talking to, if anyone but I think I’d better introduce myself to the online world.

Firstly: I am not a writer, I have never kept a diary for more than a month or had any ambitions to share my thoughts on pen and paper, or in this case keyboard to monitor, until now.

In the last few years I have had the clusterfuck of leaving year 12, moving to a new state, meeting my dad after 10 years and trying to rebuild a relationship whilst trying to make new friendships (failing) and among the rest finding a career direction.

Of course now the biggest issue is wanting to know everything NOW.

So without further adieu,

I give you the socially inept and emotionally unstable life of a girl in her 20’s